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Chinese Garden, New York, NY
Buried amidst Park Avenue’s residential high-rise buildings, a once shadowy and grey courtyard is transformed into an intimate and inviting Chinese garden. A collection of Chinese, and Chinese-inspired garden objects set the scene, while a mixture of real and artificial plant materials finish the statement. An eight-foot tall scholar rock serves as the centerpiece of the main courtyard and to one side of the rock a mirrored glass sculpture by artist, Vicky Colombet, depicts an abstraction of the Forbidden City while subtly reflecting the garden. On the rear garden wall, on each side of the antique wooden doors, two mirrored window boxes filled with birch branches give the illusion that a forest extends into the distance. The illusion is carried through to the upper level of the garden as the tops of the perimeter walls play host to a three-dimensional depiction of a Chinese landscape painting. Sculpted rock formations and a windswept pine tree are set against the birch forest backdrop, creating a picturesque view from the upper terrace while screening the lower courtyard from the surrounding buildings.