CD Gardens

Christian Duvernois Gardens, Inc. is a landscape design practice with over fifteen years of experience designing private and public gardens in the United States, Europe and Asia. Each environment created by CD Gardens is a reflection of the clients’ unique tastes and sensibilities, and they work closely with the client to fulfill those needs from concept development and installation, to the long-term maintenance of the garden. In addition to traditional landscape design, CD Gardens works closely with established artists to promote and institute contemporary art within the garden setting. They have commissioned artists for single pieces intended to complement a garden, and have designed entire gardens around specific commissioned art works. Their work has been profiled in numerous publications including the New York Times, Artforum, House and Garden and the International Herald Tribune.

Christian Duvernois, President

Born in Paris, Christian Duvernois has distinguished himself as a gallery owner, landscape designer and lecturer. In 1981, Mr. Duvernois moved from Paris to New York City and opened an art gallery on Madison Avenue called Facade. Facade, which was known in both New York and European art circles, specialized in classical and contemporary architectural and landscape design. Through painting, sculpture, photography and architectural drawing, the gallery featured works that explored the various aspects and sensibilities of man’s relationship with the natural environment. In addition to operating his design practice, Mr. Duvernois remains active as a private dealer in selling works of art related to landscape and nature, and is a noted lecturer on European classical gardens. Recently, Mr. Duvernois completed a book concerning the creation of the “English” gardens of Queen Marie-Antoinette at Trianon during the second part of the 18th century. The book, titled The Last Garden of Versailles: Marie-Antoinette at Trianon, was released by Rizzoli in the fall of 2008. In 2010, Mr. Duvernois was nominated as an honoree of the New York Horticultural Society for his “outstanding contribution to landscape design.” He is a member of Les Amis de Versailles (Friends of Versailles) and the French Heritage Society.

Jacob Lange, Designer

After receiving his Master of Landscape Architecture degree from the University of Georgia, Jacob Lange joined CD Gardens in July of 2010. He is an active participant in all facets of the company’s endeavors with a particular focus on design development and implementation. In addition to his MLA, Jacob holds a BA in Art History from the University of Louisville and is a LEED Accredited Professional.